We developed the identity for Nike’s programme School to Swoosh. Working with the Nike Brand Creative team, Kaam Kaaj produced the dynamic identity for School to Swoosh based on education and play. The programme spans across three pillars: Internship, In-Session and Coaching. Through these pillars we created a bespoke colour palette and typographic approach for each section of School to Swoosh, whilst the word mark embraces the transition from ‘school’ to ‘work’.

  • Team (Kaam Kaaj):
  • Mohammed Samad
  • Bouk Ra
  • Ana Lapa
  • Team (Nike Brand Creative)
  • Joep Pingen
  • Saba Babas-Zadeh
  • Lucy Mullan
  • Cecilia Lott-Lavigna
  • Yasmine Tse

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