Kamdidar - Logo/Icon 

Kamdidar is a new fashion brand grounded in British South-Asian rave culture, for which we were given the task to design the wordmark and icon.

British Asians have always been mixing two cultural worlds, be it food, fashion, or music. From Joi fusing Asian sounds with Western beats, to Panjabi MC fusing the two worlds of Bhangra and Hip-Hop. Likewise in underground club culture, from daytime raves to turntables brushing against kurtas; the British South Asian raver has always been a story of two worlds combining.

The designs take inspiration from the spinning vinyl (centre spindle) and the bindi to represent the two worlds. The wordmark embraces the past and the present of British South-Asian rave culture, which is further reflected in the bespoke lettering that combines characteristics of Gurmukhi and the Latin alphabet.